I created this sculpture as part of my work on the Kung Fu Panda Land of Awesomeness. It is sculpted to resemble the ornamental dragons that appear in the film, and we worked with DreamWorks to ensure the sculpt met their original design. I created the sculpt digitally, and rendered out different views and elevations for the sculptors and fabricators to work from. Along with this I provided the 3D file which they 3D printed as a maquette. The sculptors then used the 3D file to cut out full size pieces of the dragon with a large 5 axis router. I also provided colour and finish specifications of the dragon.
The finished product is 8 meters tall. It was installed on a Zamperla Air Racer ride, making the head a total of 16 meters off the ground.
Some renders of the finished sculpt
The digital sculpt in progress.
The dragon in position on the Zamperla Air Racer.
Elevations for the sculptors and painters to work from.
The finished product. Fabricated and painted by Wayne and his team at Cynotech.
The ride in action. Note the ground surfaces were not yet finished when the photo was taken.
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