We worked along side Kevin Barbee Creative Advisors to create the Madagascar Madness area. They designed this great entry statement. I was able to provide colour specifications, graphic details and solve various other design problems in this area.
The Reptar coaster was transformed into Madagascar Madness, and as such was given a new paint job. I worked on the new colours. My images for the colour specs are below.
  I provided the colour and finish specifications for the Madagascar retail building. (Buidling design by Kevin Barbee Creative Advisors)
The Jungle Jam after opening.  The monkey turrets are still waiting for some additional theming as per the concept.
The coaster colour scheme ended up fairly complicated, so I created some quick 3D models to communicate the scheme effectively to the painters.
I worked on the theming for the Jungle Jam, in conjunction with my colleagues at Atomiq, and Kevin Barbee Creative Advisors.
There were existing air powered cannons in the play area, so we decided to give them a new paint job. The idea was to make them look like the Madagascar animals could have made them out of bits of bamboo and aircraft parts.
 The photo sales booth for the Madagascar Madness coaster.
 The sound booth for the Mad Live! show
The height sign for the Madagascar Madness Coaster
An early concept for the entry to the play area featuring the crashed aircraft from the film.
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