Atomiq Design was commisioned by ACMI (Australian Centre for the Moving Image), Melbourne, and DreamWorks Animation, to produce sculptures of Melman and the 4 penguins, for their DreamWorks exhibit in 2014. This project had a unique and interesting workflow, utilising DreamWork's 3D character assets, rather than a custom sculpt, which allowed us to go from concept to fabrication in a short period of time.
We were provided with an intial concept image from ACMI, showing how Melman and the Penguins would interact with the building. I then proceded to model the section of the building in CAD. This 3D file was sent to DreamWorks Animation who imported it into their animation software and posed Melman onto the building. We were then able to then take their Melman model into CAD (Rhino) and figure out the internal armature, how to attach to the building, and how to fabricate in sections for transport prior to installation. We then exported the 3D model at full size which was sent to a CNC machine to cut entire sculpure out of polystyrene foam. Most of the sculpture was hardcoated foam, but sections were cast in fibreglass. The Penguins followed a similar process.
All characters copyright DreamWorks Animation.
A quick render to show the scullptures in situ on the exterior of the building.
Another quick render showing interior sculptures.
Multiple fast clay renders were produced until all parties were happy with sculpture positions
One of the technical drawings produced to aid in installation
Internal armature drawing
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